February 7, 2012

4 Views on Agent Satisfaction for Your Leader’s Intervention!

In our Benchmark toolkit, used to certify Centers of Excellence, we have developed an online survey for contact center agents, which includes 18 topic categories, providing direct feedback on Agent Satisfaction. We study the results to analyze the DNA of the people side of your organization. Findings from Customer Service Representatives show that, overall, only 42%* love their job.*BenchmarkPortal Survey results from 2011, Top Box rating (5 on a 5-point scale) on Agent Satisfaction.

In addition, much detailed information is uncovered from this survey regarding the work-life of an Agent. In fact, we find over 80 items of opportunity to make changes and improve that score over time! Here is a sampling of a few elements that are highlighted in BenchmarkPortal’s Agent Satisfaction survey:

1. The survey asks Agents to comment on whether job expectations are clearly defined. We find that many agents feel that the job that they actually do correlates poorly with what they perceived they were hired to do.

2. The Survey asks Agents to comment on supervisory style. Agents want to feel that their immediate supervisor cares about them as a person. They respond positively to supervisors who listen to their concerns and provide them with one-on-one coaching feedback on a regular basis.

3. The survey asks Agents to comment on the following statement: I belong and feel that I am part of a team. Agents want to feel that they are part of a group in which initiative is encouraged and that they can feel free to address concerns.

4. The survey asks Agents to comment on the following statement: I have pride in the company that I work for. The Agents having pride in their employer is directly and strongly connected to the Agents' perception that they work for a company that treats employees and customers with respect.
Are YOUR Agents satisfied in their jobs? Benchmarking reveals the level of Agent Satisfaction in your center. Agent Satisfaction contributes to the overall success of your operation.

Dru Phelps
Certified Call Center Auditor, CCCE Instructor, Author, Senior Consultant

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