July 29, 2015

New Survey Design & Data Analysis Workshops!

Surveys are an invaluable tool for researching the attitudes, feelings, concerns, and priorities of your customers. By constructing a questionnaire and collecting responses, we can draw a profile of the group as a whole and/or gather their feedback. The survey findings can then support fact-based continuous improvement projects aimed at long-term competitive advantage.
The findings from well-constructed customer surveys can provide critical information about customers’ expectations and future needs when creating new service and product offerings. Surveys conducted after an interaction can monitor service delivery quality and product performance from the customers’ viewpoint and identify those customers in need of service recovery actions.
However, a survey program is only valuable if the surveying effort is properly designed and executed. A small mistake in the survey instrument or administration can skew the data, leading to erroneous conclusions.

July 9, 2015

CallTalk Caramels: Investments in Employee Training… Are you getting bang for your buck?

Call center leaders want well-trained employees who are good performers, but they need practical training solutions that can be implemented quickly, without breaking the bank. IF they can be assured that the investment will yield the desired results; call center leaders are willing to invest in high-quality training, even in tough economic times.

BenchmarkPortal research has identified best practices that will result in optimal learning programs:
Create performance-based training: this is training designed to focus on job tasks and goes beyond topics such as corporate policies or use of software applications. Advantages include:

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