July 29, 2015

New Survey Design & Data Analysis Workshops!

Surveys are an invaluable tool for researching the attitudes, feelings, concerns, and priorities of your customers. By constructing a questionnaire and collecting responses, we can draw a profile of the group as a whole and/or gather their feedback. The survey findings can then support fact-based continuous improvement projects aimed at long-term competitive advantage.
The findings from well-constructed customer surveys can provide critical information about customers’ expectations and future needs when creating new service and product offerings. Surveys conducted after an interaction can monitor service delivery quality and product performance from the customers’ viewpoint and identify those customers in need of service recovery actions.
However, a survey program is only valuable if the surveying effort is properly designed and executed. A small mistake in the survey instrument or administration can skew the data, leading to erroneous conclusions.

July 9, 2015

CallTalk Caramels: Investments in Employee Training… Are you getting bang for your buck?

Call center leaders want well-trained employees who are good performers, but they need practical training solutions that can be implemented quickly, without breaking the bank. IF they can be assured that the investment will yield the desired results; call center leaders are willing to invest in high-quality training, even in tough economic times.

BenchmarkPortal research has identified best practices that will result in optimal learning programs:
Create performance-based training: this is training designed to focus on job tasks and goes beyond topics such as corporate policies or use of software applications. Advantages include:

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May 12, 2015

Mayo Medical Laboratories Earns “Center of Excellence” Recognition for Fourth Straight Year

2015_Center_of_ExcellenceIn March, Mayo Laboratory Inquiry (the customer service center for Mayo Medical Laboratories) was certified as a Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal, a global leader in the contact center industry. This is the fourth year in a row that Mayo Laboratory Inquiry has achieved this honor.

Click Here to learn more... http://www.benchmarkportal.com/call-center-certification/certified-call-centers-excellence/mayo-medical-laboratories

May 6, 2015

Egis Projects Canada certified for the 4th year in a row as Customer Service Center of Excellence

For the fourth year in a row, 2011-2012-2013-2014, the Egis Projects Canada Golden Ears Bridge Customer Service Center has earned recognition as a Certified Center of Excellence by Benchmark Portal! Egis also received, for the second year in a row, the Top 25 of the Top 100 best Customer service Centres in North America.

Click here to see more: http://www.benchmarkportal.com/call-center-certification/certified-customer-service-center/egisprojectscanada

April 27, 2015

Alliance Data's Card Services Business Customer Care Centers Mark Decade of 'Center of Excellence' Certification From Internationally Recognized BenchmarkPortal

  Alliance Data Systems Corporation, a leading global provider of data-driven marketing and loyalty solutions, today announced its Card Services business, a premier provider of branded private label, co-brand and commercial credit programs, has achieved for the tenth time in a row the "Center of Excellence" certification by BenchmarkPortal, one of the most prestigious designations in the service and support industry, for the quality of its call center operations nationwide. Founded in 1995, BenchmarkPortal is a global leader in the contact center industry, providing benchmarking, certification, training, consulting and industry reports, and maintains the world's largest call center metrics database.

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April 20, 2015

A Lean Six Sigma Approach to Contact Center Process Improvement

Customers are demanding more efficient and effective service from Contact Centers throughout all industries. Host Bruce Belfiore chats with veteran manager Walt Sweeney about a Lean Six Sigma approach to Contact Center process improvement that Contact Center leaders could use to improve their centers.

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April 17, 2015

Announcing The Top Ranking 2015 Top 100 Call Centers Contest Winners! Click the below link to see who won!

BenchmarkPortal ranks the top call center operations in North America based on operational metrics. Click here to see who won: http://www.benchmarkportal.com/call-center-newsresources/press-release/2015/04/2015-top-100-call-center-contest-winners

Top 100 Call Center ContestBenchmarkPortal, a leading call center consulting services group, announces the winners of its 2015 Top 100 Call Center Contest. Participants submitted performance data on key operating metrics. The three winners in each categories had the highest statistical values for efficiency and effectiveness, as computed by BenchmarkPortal's expert formula.

April 8, 2015

Ameritas Earns Eighth Consecutive Center of Excellence Award from BenchmarkPortal

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.’s group division has been awarded the BenchmarkPortal Center of Excellence award for the eighth consecutive year. Among the top honors in the customer service industry, the award recognizes the company’s commitment to making access to care easy for its dental, vision and hearing care customers.

Click here to view all their latest press release: http://www.benchmarkportal.com/call-center-certification/certified-customer-service-center/ameritas

March 26, 2015

PFI Earns Esteemed Center of Excellence Recognition from BenchmarkPortal for Fourth Consecutive Year

Proctor Financial, Certified Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortalProctor Financial, Inc. (PFI) is announces the recertification of its call center as a Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal for 2014. PFI also received this honor in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Call centers certified as a Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal have surpassed rigorous standards for efficiency and effectiveness. The team at BenchmarkPortal audits and verifies key performance indicators and compares PFI’s data to call center data from other peer organizations. Call centers receive the “Center of Excellence” designation when ranked in the top ten percent of those organizations that are surveyed.

March 11, 2015

Birch Earns Prestigious “Center of Excellence” Recognition

February 13, 2015 – Birch Communications, Inc., (“Birch”) a leading technology service provider of IP-based communications, broadband, cloud and IT services to small, mid-sized, enterprise and wholesale businesses, has achieved “Center of Excellence” for the third time by BenchmarkPortal for 2014.

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