December 6, 2012

Survey Underway on Call Center Travel and Hospitality Reservations

Over the next two weeks, call centers will have the opportunity to participate in a study about travel and hospitality reservations. BenchmarkPortal invites you to complete this short questionnaire on reservations metrics, methodologies and strategies. Don't miss this opportunity to gain competitive market intelligence that is not available anywhere else.
Online surveys conducted by BenchmarkPortal began on Nov. 28 and are available for anyone to complete at

"This survey is intended for the travel and hospitality industry only," said Crystal Kay, BenchmarkPortal's marketing director. "Please complete the survey and forward the survey link to other appropriate contact centers. Participation in the survey will take no more than 10 minutes and is confidential. Participants will receive the results of this survey and a complimentary call center e-book of your choice via e-mail, at no cost, within 10 business days of the survey’s close."
The survey will be completed by Dec. 7, at which time BenchmarkPortal will compile and report the results within 2 weeks.

Click the following link to access the Travel and Hospitality Reservations Survey

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