April 12, 2013

Government Sector Performance Solutions Initiative

BenchmarkPortal is embarking on a new government sector initiative that will help government contact centers optimize their operations in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, utilizing statistically validated analysis and best practices. 
Our government performance solutions include the following activities, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual agencies:
  • Benchmarking.  Benchmark your operations against the world’s largest database of contact center metrics.  Compare your performance to other government centers as well as to centers in the private sector.  We will work with you to turn your benchmarked metrics into actionable management information.
  • Assessment Services.  Our on-site assessments provide managers with findings, recommendations and improvement roadmap within four to six weeks, thanks to our automated benchmarking systems and our staff of top-rated experts.
  • Audit and validation services.   BenchmarkPortal can be your neutral third party to validate the operating results of your internal operations. If you need oversight, validation or audit of your outsourced operations, BenchmarkPortal is your ideal partner.  You can engage us directly or have us engaged through a prime vendor.  In either case, we will put our analytical knowledge, industry experience and benchmarking database to work to achieve your objectives.
  • Executive Order compliance.  BenchmarkPortal knows federal contact centers are obliged to comply with EO 12862, which requires centers to benchmark against private sector centers, and EO 13571, which requires centers to improve performance in a measurable way by implementing new technology.  BenchmarkPortal can provide the metrics and the expertise you need through its innovative Fed S.I.R.V (Federal Service Improvement and Results Validation) offering.  This offering provides exceptional value andqualifies for simplified acquisition due to its modest price point. 
  • Training.  Our College of Call Center Excellence provides training to all levels of contact center personnel. 
  • Custom Consulting and Other Assistance.  Whether you want a close look at your IVR or quality management systems, or if you need to outsource an entire operation, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you.
To date, BenchmarkPortal has assisted numerous government call center operations, such as the IRS, VA, DHS, USPS, SSA, FBI, Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and the military, as well as the State of North Carolina and many other state, provincial and municipal operations. These public sector operations join over half of the Fortune 500 companies in leveraging BenchmarkPortal offerings to increase quality and lower costs, which in today’s economy is something both our government and industry partners strive to achieve.

BenchmarkPortal has been benchmarking and analyzing government sector contact center data for over a decade, and is committed to helping improve the performance of government contact centers at the federal, state and local levels.  We are confident that this program will allow government contact centers to save money that can be spent on other important and necessary unfunded requirements. 

BenchmarkPortal is a small business entity, is registered on SAMS and has a GSA contract through the GSA IT 70 Schedule (GSA Contract # GS-35F-0401Y). 

To spearhead our new government sector initiative, BenchmarkPortal is collaborating with Ms. Caylee A. Drucker, a Business to Government Subject Matter Expert.  She brings over 27 years of government experience and understanding of the culture through her time in the military, as a federal employee and as a government contractor.  Ms. Drucker was a member of the BenchmarkPortal team over 13 years ago. We are excited to have her back to lead this new initiative.

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