April 1, 2013

BenchmarkPortal Announces a New Workshop- Call Center Coaching for Performance

To help supervisors and managers successfully coach their agents, BenchmarkPortal has developed a Coaching for Performance workshop that provides them with the necessary skills and strategic plans to help manage their call center’s overall productivity.
BenchmarkPortal and The College of Call Center Excellence introduces the Call Center Coaching for Performance workshop. The Coaching for Performance course has been designed to provide the tools required for call center coaches to sustain and improve agent performance. The first part of this workshop will help those in charge of coaching agents to identify their role, responsibilities and characteristics they should have. It will equip them with performance metrics they can use to define and understand agent performance, comparing and contrasting them with performance management. It will also help them create a gap analysis that will help them determine the steps needed to reach desired performance levels for each specific call center.
This course will also focus on communication techniques and how to create a strategic plan for all levels of performers. http:// Call center coaches will learn all the subtle communication techniques, visual words and phrases that can be used to replace body language to create a successful experience with the customer on the other end. They also have to learn what phrases they must avoid saying, as every word spoken has the potential to be just as detrimental as it can be helpful. Finally, the course focuses on agent retention and the impact of team building, motivation, reinforcement, rewards, and recognition.
Course Agenda: 
  • Review the role, responsibilities, and characteristics of an “ideal” coach.
  • Match management expectations of using call center metrics and the impact on agent performance.
  • Perform a gap analysis to identify what you have versus what you want in terms of agent performance.
  • Examine successful verbal communication techniques.
  • Compare and contrast the needs of new stars, rising stars, super stars, and falling stars.
  • Create a strategic plan for all levels of performers to include team building, retention, and motivation.
  • Practice and Application: Review the performance for five agents.
  • Practice and Application: Create a coaching plan to sustain and/or improve performance for each agent.
Call centers – whether they have been in business for years or are just opening – can make a long-term investment with the coaching workshop as it has the potential to create an impact that could increase profit and productivity in the future.
Small class size allows for one-on-one interaction with the instructors, as well as networking opportunities with colleagues and industry peers. Participants also leave with “take aways” that are meant to enable them to make a real difference in their centers.
View the Calendar here for Call Center Training - Coaching for Performance >>
  • May 15-17, 2013 - Live Online
  • Aug. 21-23, 2013 - Live Online
  • Nov. 6-8, 2013 - Live Online

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