September 11, 2013

Survey Underway on Call Center Employee Retention Rates and Strategies

BenchmarkPortal in partnership with Talent Chaser, the award-winning Software-as-a-Service provider, has developed this quick survey to measure Contact Center Employee Retention Rates.

Call centers have the opportunity to participate in a study about Call Center Employee Retention Rates and Strategies.

Participants will receive the summary results of this survey, and will also be invited to a webinar with in-depth research results on how to improve contact center employee retention, at no cost.

Employee retention is one of the main challenges of contact centers. BenchmarkPortal and Talent Chaser are looking at the factors that affect the industry and will analyze the results to establish industry benchmarks and develop call center employee retention best practices. Talent Chaser has a proven track record for improving employee retention and will utilize this data to offer Solutions to Staff Retention Issues.

Please complete this survey to find out how your center measures up in comparison to the industry and how to improve your contact center’s employee retention.

Online surveys conducted by BenchmarkPortal begin on September 11 and are available for anyone to complete at

"Please complete the survey and forward the survey link to other appropriate contact centers. Participation in the survey will take no more than 5 minutes and is confidential,” said Crystal Robertson, BenchmarkPortal's marketing director. “Participants will receive the results of this survey via e-mail, at no cost, within 10 business days of the survey’s close and an invitation to the webinar explaining the results."

Click the following link to access the Survey.

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