August 22, 2012

Survey Opportunity On Language Interpretation Within Contact Centers

Dear BenchmarkPortal Community Member,
BenchmarkPortal is conducting a survey of our industry to determine what steps contact centers are taking to service customers who prefer to communicate in their own language.
Non-English call handling has become a hot topic for many contact center managers due to increased immigration and globalization and the unique customer service issues they may present.
Please take a moment to complete this brief, 15-question survey. The survey link below will ask you questions about this important topic. As always, by participating in the survey, you guarantee yourself a complimentary copy of the results ($199 Value).

If you have colleagues in other call centers who you feel might want to participate, please send this survey invitation to them.

As indicated above, participants will receive the results of this survey via e-mail, at no cost, within 10 business days of the survey's close. It's our way of showing our appreciation to you for your input.

Thank you very much for your participation.

Bruce Belfiore
Senior Research Executive &
Chief Executive Officer

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