February 6, 2014

BenchmarkPortal's Center of Excellence Certification

100% Overall Customer Satisfaction With The Way We Handled Their Engagement!
100% Of Our Clients Would Recommend BenchmarkPortal To Others!

100% Of Our Clients Would Use BenchmarkPortal Again For A Similar Engagement!

-- Based on the 2013 Client Engagement Satisfaction Study

Call center managers who wish to implement best practices and attain world-class performance in their industry can call upon us to assess and certify their call centers. Our rigorous certification process has the advantage of referencing all performance goals to our best practice database of thousands of call centers. Thus, you will be compared against performance levels that will show your competitive position, not just force you to adhere to an arbitrary standard.

The certification process is management's best path to a world-class quality call center. Our certification program is unique in the world as it sets performance standards according to industry metrics. The statistics are determined through continuous processing of metrics stored in our data warehouse of thousands of call centers, which is the largest of its kind in the world.

Steps in The Certification Process

Benchmarking Survey
We compare your performance with a statistically valid sample of call centers in your industry segment. This discovery process focuses on 40-Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

Independent Caller Satisfactions Survey Click here for an example »

Independent Agent Satisfaction Survey Click here for an example »

Process Discovery and Technology Inventory
We review relevant processes and the center's enabling technology

Onsite Visit
Our carefully structured agenda allows our experts to provide maximum benefit

Executive Presentation and Road Map
Complete findings and recommendations for improvement

BenchmarkPortal's Unique
Call Center Certification Process

  • The process is based strictly on a quantitative approach, as compared to a qualitative approach where most performance issues depend upon the judgment of an auditor. 
  • It begins with a thorough statistical comparison between the call center striving to be certified and a group of similar call centers in the same industry sector.
  • We use a "balanced score-card" approach that balances cost-related metrics against metrics which correlate with quality.
  • Our analysis relies completely on statistical methods of performance benchmarking that pinpoint areas of high performance, and quantify gaps in areas of low performance.
  • Ours is the only certification, which is academically based, and which uses established scientific methods to measure the attainment of certifiable best practices standards.

"In 2006, the University of Ottawa Computing Help Centre was distinguished Center of Excellence. Benchmarking with BenchmarkPortal was instrumental in providing us with important indicators of our performance and providing us with a portrait of the challenge before us; our scorecard could not have been more credible. This process can influence change positively.

Receiving this certification meant recognition for our commitment especially for the team’s remarkable work and dedication to service excellence as well as recognition to our partners who actively supported us in delivering customer support."

Chantal St-Onge, Assistant Director, Student Accounts, Financial Services, University of Ottawa

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