February 13, 2014

Understanding E-mail Best Practices - CallTalk Caramels: Sweet Snippets from BenchmarkPortal’s Best CallTalk Episodes

In e-mail centers, where voice communications take a second seat to written communications, the soft-skills requirements to “smile as you dial” or “keep a smile in your voice” have little importance. However, in those centers where asynchronous communications such as email is the dominant method of communication with its customers, good writing skills accompanied by above average keyboarding skills are a must, and thus extra training and monitoring is important. Also, response time metrics vary widely among industry sectors.  Here are some interesting Best Practice discoveries:
  1. Companies that maintain an average response time of under 4 hours achieve an average Top Box customer satisfaction rating of greater than 75%.
  2. Those centers that achieved First Contact Resolution of 80% or greater, received Top Box satisfaction ratings of up to 90%.
  3. The average cost per e-mail is $2.62 per transaction, compared with an average live agent phone call cost of $4.59.  Thus, email communications are cost-efficient.

    Click the following link to continue reading this article and to play CallTalk episode with John Chatterley, entitled “Unlocking The Mysteries of E-mail Metrics: What Are Best Practices Standards?


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