May 2, 2012

BenchmarkPortal Introduces iBenchmark - Automated Benchmarking Tool The Latest Innovation in Call Center Technology Best Practices

BenchmarkPortal announces the launch ofiBenchmark, ( This automated benchmarking product puts patented technology and advanced processes to work for people who manage contact centers, providing benchmarking reports every month without the aggravation of manually finding and inputting a long list of metrics.
Participating centers receive easy-to-install software that transmits their ACD metrics securely and automatically to BenchmarkPortal's database, the largest in the world of contact center metrics. Managers are then able to access a series of useful, benchmark-related reports via their own, password-protected area of BenchmarkPortal's website.
The service includes time each month with a BenchmarkPortal certified expert, who is trained to help interpret the benchmarking results and guide managers through a process of discernment, decision-making and execution of improvement initiatives. This includes tracking the company’s metrics and calculating improvements in terms of costs, quality and customer satisfaction. In this way, iBenchmark will become a valued management tool on a continuing basis.
iBenchmark reports can become key components of presentations to senior management; they will show the progress managers are making and the value they are adding.
"iBenchmark represents a major step forward", noted Bruce Belfiore, CEO of BenchmarkPortal. "By automating the data collection process and providing a trained expert to help with interpretation, discernment of gaps and identification of practical solutions, iBenchmark is an exceptional management tool. Also, the ease of installation and monthly payment model makes it user friendly and extremely affordable. We can guarantee a positive ROI for those who use iBenchmark."
Monitoring call center performance on a monthly basis allows managers to make decisions and select improvement initiatives that will have measurable impact on the financial and operational performance of the contact center.
iBenchmark Can Empower Call Centers in the Following Ways:
●     Uncovers performance gaps compared with the industry
●     Points toward issues with people, processes, technology
●     Gaps can be quantified and monetized to show impact
●     Assists with decision-making and provides management with valuable insights
●     Provides basis for improvement roadmaps and goal setting
●     Key element in manager’s toolbox
●     Produces hard evidence of value brought to the enterprise by the contact center
The Advantage of Expert Advice – BMP’s Certified Experts:
●     Have years of contact center experience
●     Are recognized leaders, instructors and authors
●     Provide monthly updates via WebEx-style conference call
●     Are available for on-site assistance
●     Provide just the right level of support for managers’ individual needs
●     Can demonstrate savings and ROI - even EPS calculations
Monthly Technology Solution
BenchmarkPortal will provide call centers with the iBenchmark data connector that allows the ACD (and eventually IVR and Workforce Management Systems) to automatically encrypt and transmit metrics to BenchmarkPortal's secure database. To do this, BenchmarkPortal partnered with Symmetrics, creator of proven software that is simple to install and which makes the transfer of data easy and secure. Currently iBenchmark is available for Nortel, Avaya and Cisco ACDs. Connectors for other ACDs will be made available during the course of 2012. A series of useful reports turns your metrics into rich management information that will allow you to monitor your competitive performance and make important decisions on improvement initiatives for your center.
Security of Data
BenchmarkPortal has been the trusted repository of confidential contact center data for over a decade. BenchmarkPortal takes their responsibility in this regard very seriously. The software developed with partner Symmetrics Business Intelligence maintains and enhances this tradition of data security.
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