December 4, 2013

Management Certification in Downtown Scottsdale, AZ. Hosted by McKesson Specialty Health January 21-23, 2014

Call Center Training in Scottsdale, AZ at McKesson Specialty Health.
BenchmarkPortal's World Class Professional Certification courses are among the industry's highest rated programs for call center management and employees. Our courses have increased effectiveness and efficiency while at the same time reducing cost at organizations such as Verizon, Mercedes-Benz, Motorola, Hewlett Packard and GE.

The Management Certification workshop is composed of ten information-rich modules that include lecture, discussion and learning activity case studies that focus on practical problem solving and current best practices.

Our program is led by the industry's top-rated instructors, with over 150 years' combined experience. Be part of a true high-intensity learning experience which will bring out the best in you and your fellow attendees. You will return to your center with new best practice ideas...and the skills to turn them into reality!

"The training was more than I expected. It was applicable to any call center, whether you have 4 people or 400. It brought home real life examples and experiences which definitely are designed to help support supervisory and management decisions. The training provided more than a cursory glance at topics like customer satisfaction, quality assurance, human resource management to name a few. The value of detail I got from the data analysis and reporting module opened my eyes to how to effectively utilize data generated from the center. Overall this experience provides you with an arsenal of information to guide you to be a better manager and challenges your creative process as you go through the normal paces of work. This was an eye opener, a true "WOW" learning experience. i am glad I was a part of this experience."  -- Inger Hainsley-Bennett, Customer Service Manager, Companies Office of Jamaica - July 2013

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