December 12, 2013

Quality Assurance & Coaching for Success - CallTalk Caramels: Sweet Snippets from BenchmarkPortal’s Best CallTalk Episodes

Quality monitoring programs often become fixated on QA forms; however, there are other necessary components that will assure you are getting the greatest value from your QA program, which is agent feedback and coaching. The coaching that happens in a call center is really what makes your Quality program effective. To create a truly effective Quality program, consider implementing some of the following ideas:
  1. Forms are fundamental, but coaching is critical.  Both must be done really well.
  2. Prepare coaching sessions so that they encourage two-way communication.  You need to allow agents to tell their side of the story and point to things they are proud of in their performance - - and identify areas they need to improve;
  3. Be sure your coaches are really well trained in their function.  Consistency in the coaching function pays dividends.
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