March 5, 2014

Developing Your Caller Satisfaction Surveys

CallTalk Caramels - Call Center AdviceCallTalk is a monthly internet radio program featuring innovative managers and thought leaders in the customer contact field, interviewed by BenchmarkPortal CEO, Bruce Belfiore.  “Caramels” distills “Aha!” moments from these interviews into practical, bite-sized nuggets to inform and assist you as a contact center professional.

The success of any service organization depends on continuous improvement, and the key to improvement is found through listening to the voice of the customer via direct surveys. There are numerous methods available to collect customer feedback, which include e-mail, SMS text, IVR, live phone, web-site surveys, live chat surveys, and more… Each organization must experiment with these methods and develop its own tailored way of best capturing the customer’s voice.

The following are some key Best Practices that will help you optimize the customer feedback survey process of your organization:

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