October 28, 2014

You're Invited To Participate In Our Quality Assurance Survey.

BenchmarkPortal is reaching out to gather data about your center's Quality Assurance Program. Participants will receive a summary report of data compliments of BenchmarkPortal.
The goal of our QA efforts is to provide effective coaching that has a short term impact and long term improvement in our agent’s performance and our customer’s/caller’s experience. 

In this survey, we will be asking you what tools you are using, how many and which persons are involved in the Quality Evaluation process and more helpful information for you to practice continuous improvement in your Quality Evaluation Program. 

Click on the link below to start the Survey now:

BenchmarkPortal appreciates your time and effort in contributing valuable data to our research.

Note* Responses are anonymous, and will only be reported by average. We're gathering this information for statistical purposes only. The data will not be used to identify you personally, or your Company, in any way.


Bruce Belfiore
CEO, Senior Research Executive

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