April 11, 2014

FARO Customer Service Team Earns Recognition from BenchmarkPortal

BenchmarkPortal Certified Call Center of Excellence, FARO
"This certification attests to the fact that call center leaders have successfully balanced efficiency and effectiveness in their operations," said Bruce Belfiore, CEO of Benchmark Portal. "By optimizing their cost components and their ability to satisfy customers, they exemplify best practices in a very important consumer products sector."
To achieve certification as a Center of Excellence, a company must undergo a rigorous bench marking process. The process compares the organization's operational metrics to those of its peers. Using the world's largest database of contact center metrics, BenchmarkPortal experts audit and verify key data from the contact center applying for certification.
"We are proud of our customer service team's diligence and their dedication to excellence," said Kathleen J. Hall, FARO Technologies Senior Vice President and Managing Director Americas. "The Center of Excellence certification award serves as confirmation that our employees continue to provide outstanding service and support to our customers across the Americas. Customer satisfaction, which relates to customer loyalty and business growth, is the goal," Hall adds.
Key performance indicators such as first call resolution, cost per call, call waiting time, customer satisfaction, agent satisfaction, and utilization of human resources are taken into account. BenchmarkPortal is able to scientifically gauge how the contact center being studied compares to other centers in the same industry, and if the performance of the contact center is superior.

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