August 12, 2014

Last Online Quality Assurance Training of the Year Aug. 27-29,2014! Don't miss this opportunity!!!

The call center quality assurance training workshop is designed to meet the needs of the Director, Manager or Quality Analyst responsible for delivering a "best-in-class" quality monitoring and coaching program. Attendees will leave with the framework for their center ready for implementation. The Quality Assurance Workshop provides participants with an understanding of the elements that are crucial for building an effective and efficient program that meets the strategic needs of the organization. Those goals and/or needs may be focused on Cost, Service, Sales or Marketing.
  •  Introduction to Quality Assurance
  • Creating a QA Strategy
  • Positive Culture, Behaviors and Definitions
  • Quality Assessment Forms:
    • Structure,
    • Scoring & Weighting
    • Measures and Calibration
  • Service vs Compliance
  • Call Monitoring Process
  • Evaluation Frequency
  • Art of Coaching
  • Feedback
  • Time Management
  • Discussion: How many calls, Coaching process
  • Reward and Recognition Methods
  • Technology
  • 3rd Party Options
  • Conclusion
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