March 12, 2013

Contact Center Workforce Management Certification Workshops, 2013 Schedule Announcement

The BenchmarkPortal Contact Center Workforce Management workshop will tackle issues like schedule adherence, shrinkage and volume forecasting. Topics will also include gathering data, forecast production, schedules and budgets.

BenchmarkPortal is announcing their contact center training schedule for Workforce Management Training. The new schedule includes more in-person locations and new live online workshops.

The BenchmarkPortal contact center Workforce Management Certification training course covers the entire workforce management process- from the gathering of data to the production of forecasts, schedules and budgets. We include lessons that benefit attendees from any size organization, large and small, with real-world examples of solutions that work in practice - not just theory.

Participants will come to understand the processes that make up the foundation of an effective workforce management practice. They will learn the best ways to gather the right data at the right time to maximize call center scheduling and staffing. They will also learn results reporting for effective decisions and actions.
The course includes information on how to build forecasting models that work; how to use Excel to do time series modeling; and how to build an Erlang C-based staffing model. Among the course topics are options for building staff plans to meet budget and scheduling needs and results reporting that drives effective decisions and actions. Also covered in this course is a change management approach to overcome the “Big Brother” syndrome.

Small class size allows for one-on-one interaction with the instructors, as well as networking opportunities with colleagues and industry peers. Participants also leave with “take aways” that are meant to enable them to make a real difference in their centers.

Participants in these workshops typically include Contact Center Managers, Workforce Managers, Supervisors, Directors and Vice Presidents. BenchmarkPortal courses are designed to enable these leaders to better manage their call centers and strengthen relationships with other departments. Every attendee receives complete course documentation and a comprehensive workbook.

All BenchmarkPortal call center training courses include access to a complimentary Benchmarking Report and web-ex style presentation of the individual’s benchmarking results with their College instructor. Managers report that they really appreciate the combination of interactive classroom work along with personalized focus on individual needs and challenges. This approach is considered to be unique to BenchmarkPortal's College of Call Center Excellence training.

View the Calendar:
Live Online - April 10-12, 2013
Call Center Campus Week, Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 12-15, 2013

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