March 14, 2013

New Multi-Channel Benchmark Survey

BenchmarkPortal announces the launch of its continuous Multi-Channel benchmarking, which represents a major improvement over previous efforts to benchmark multi-channel contact centers.
“As always, we wanted to do much more than just put interesting numbers side by side,” said BenchmarkPortal CEO Bruce Belfiore. “Our Multi-Channel benchmark reports include a statistically advanced Performance Matrix and provide the ingredients for in-depth discussions on strengths, weaknesses and ways to reduce costs and improve quality.”
The survey is unique in that it is continuously updated under BenchmarkPortal’s patented benchmarking process, which feeds the world’s largest database of contact center metrics.
Contact center managers who are familiar with benchmarking will find the new Multi-Channel survey format visually attractive and user friendly. Users of BenchmarkPortal’s RealityCheck™ and In-depth RealityCheck™ surveys will see the same questions they have provided in the past for their voice channel, plus questions for chat, email, social media and other.
For managers who want to benchmark for the first time, the format and glossary of terms have been tailored to simplify the process. BenchmarkPortal experts are also available to assist with any questions.
“A major challenge was dealing with issues of efficiency, especially issues of agent time utilization in a multi-channel environment,” added Belfiore. “Our research and technology team, led by John Chatterley, David Raia and Jeff Grossman, did a superb job in putting the puzzle pieces together. We are very excited about the results.”
As an added feature, users of BenchmarkPortal’s Multi-Channel surveys will receive interpretive “read-outs” of their individual reports. These read-outs are given by BenchmarkPortal’s certified experts through a WebEx-style interactive presentation. These are designed to provide useful analysis and discussion of best practices solutions. With over 40 industry verticals (including government and non-profit), the Multi-Channel surveys ensure apples-to-apples comparisons.
The new Multi-Channel survey will be used in BenchmarkPortal’s well-known Center of Excellence certification program, as well as in its Center Assessment offerings.
Those interested in the new Multi-Channel™ Surveys should visit their website.

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