March 13, 2013

Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Survey. Complimentary Survey Results For Your Participation!

We would like your opinion and input on where our industry currently stands regarding best practices in measuring customer feedback. First Call Resolution, Caller Satisfaction and Customer Delight have been industry standards for several years now. Starting in 2003, the development of the Net Promoter Score brought a new perspective on customer loyalty, and in 2010, the Harvard Business Review published the article "Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers," which focused attention on Customer Effort. We are looking at the factors that you feel impact and measure the customer experience and loyalty in new ways.

This survey is part of a discovery process for members of our community. We are looking for companies who have begun, or are considering, using these newer metrics in their center.

For those who participate, not only will you receive the summary results of this initial survey, you will also be invited to participate in an in-depth research project to understand how best to measure Customer Effort.
We need your input, and we thank you very much in advance for your time and participation!

Bruce Belfiore
Senior Research Executive &
Chief Executive Officer

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