January 6, 2014

26 Days Left To Enter The 2014 Top 100 Call Centers Contest Entry Deadline: January 31, 2014

26 Days Left To Enter
The 2014 Top 100 Call Centers Contest

Entry Deadline: January 31, 2014

Enter By Completing One Of The Following Surveys:
(Please note that we will notify winners via the email provided along with the data submission.)

16-KPI Benchmarking Survey:
Click Here To Download and Complete the Complimentary 16-KPI Benchmarking Survey

40-KPI Benchmarking Survey:  
40-KPI Benchmarking Survey: $999. The 40-KPI in-depth survey will provide your organization with an even deeper dive into the current state of your contact center. All certification and assessment clients will automatically be entered. 
Submit Your Entry To The Top 100 Call Centers Contest. It's Complimentary and Easy, All You Need Are Some Metrics From Your Center. Gain Global Recognition, Retain and Entice New Customers, Earn Respect From Industry Peers, Boost Employee Confidence and Increase Customer Satisfaction!

To pay for success celebrations for the winners, nine cash awards ranging from $500 to $2000 will be given to the highest-ranking entrants in three categories of call centers: small, medium and large.
Entry in the Top 100 Call Center Contest is free and will close on January 31, 2014. Winners will be determined by the comparison and ranking of key performance indicator data. Centers are benchmarked against other industry peers first, and then are ranked against other centers of a similar size.
As part of the contest, BenchmarkPortal offers a complimentary expert review of the data to show each center the performance gaps and associated costs.
As a Participant In The Contest You Will Receive The Following:
  • A complete copy of your 16-KPI Benchmarking Survey - RealityCheck™ report and a full readout with a certified expert ($650 Value). During the readout, the expert will explain how the report works and review performance gaps compared with your industry. This will indicate what you are doing well and will identify areas to improve. It will also provide an idea of the money you could save by eliminating your negative performance gaps.
  • Entry into contest for Most Improved Call Center (2014)
  • BenchmarkPortal will announce the top 3 winners from each category in a press release sent to national media outlets
  • Cash prizes are awarded to the top 3 winners in each category
  • All Top 100 companies from each group can purchase a trophy to commemorate the achievement.
  • All Top 100 companies from each group will be able to use the Top 100 Seal on all marketing pieces including: Web site, social media, advertisements, print ads and press releases
  • BenchmarkPortal will be celebrating the Top 100 participants and Top 3 winners in each category at the annual Call Center Campus in Las Vegas. Organizations that placed in the Top 100 will receive a certificate and trophy announcing their accomplishment.
Winner Announcement: The results for The Top 100 contest will be announced by March 31st, 2014.

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