January 29, 2014

Everything You Wanted to Know About First Call Resolution

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First call resolution (FCR) is best defined as the percentage of calls coming into your center that were satisfied completely on the first call, whether by IVR or by an agent. The goals of FCR include better agent performance, increased customer satisfaction, and lower operational costs. Also, in today’s call center environment that includes e-mail, web chat and other non-phone customer touch points, First Contact Resolution is becoming a popular metric.

First Contact Resolution is measured in different ways, which include post-contact customer surveys, quality review determinations, agent-entered codes, and “ANI/email-scans” that search reports  for multiple contacts from the same customer.  Not all methodologies are equally accurate.  When agents punch in FCR, for example, they usually indicate a higher resolution rate than when callers are asked their input.  Most experts agree that a post-contact survey of the caller, if possible, is the “best practice” way to gather this information.  Measuring FCR via post-contact surveys across all channels indicates which channels are performing best and those that need improvement.

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