January 23, 2014

At-Home Agents: How to Recruit, Train, Monitor and Motivate

There is a growing trend by call centers to transition, in whole or in part, to using home-based agents (HBA). The management of home-based agents, however, requires skills not commonly used in the traditional center. Understanding these skills can lead to increased agent productivity and an ROI to the center. When using home-based agents, give special consideration to the following key points:
  • Recruiting (internal) – When offering the opportunity to work at home to your in-house agents, pick from those agents that are in the meat of your productivity bell curve; use top agents as the role model.
  • Agents will become incentivized as they are empowered to work within an environment they control – their home - and thus perform better.
  • Recruiting (external) – When advertising for agents, do your best to dispel preconceived notions. In general, the terms “home-based” are associated with get rich quick scams and therefore most people distrust the ads – even when from reputable companies.
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