January 24, 2014

Contact Center Economics 101: Balancing Information Security and Customer Needs

Security breaches in the contact center environment can be enormously expensive and damaging, so it is worth real money to approach these matters the right way. It is important to foster a strong security culture that is supported by well-designed processes - - rather than to rely on a patchwork of technologies that simply give a warm, fuzzy feeling of security.  Security is a journey - - not a destination. Corporate culture and business process must mesh with the technologies that support them, not the other way around.
As a contact center manager, you should be concerned about these issues because there is a natural tension between the needs of security and the needs of the business and customer interaction.  Customer-centric managers want to facilitate easy, effortless customer access to information, while security experts seek to keep information safe.  It takes an “eyes-open” culture to balance the objectives of both sides.  Un fortunately, many companies today do not have the culture or processes that support the appropriate use of defensive technologies, while at the same time facilitating the conduct of business with customers.
You have an opportunity to be a catalyst of change for your contact center’s information security culture.  However, you may need to open your mind a bit. Start by considering your own experiences:
  • Have you ever felt that your security colleagues have placed unnecessary obstacles in your way?
  • Have you felt misunderstood by the very people who say they are trying to protect you? 

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